Top voted Play Centre’s by KidTown

Top-voted Indoor Play Centre’s in Melbourne

By Erica of KidTown Melbourne


Winter is coming, but that’s Ok. Thanks to Melbourne’s abundant selection of indoor play centres and our Small Ideas voucher book, there’s absolutely no reason why we will be staying at home this winter, and neither should you.

Here are our favourite play centres in the Small Ideas book which saved us a total of $82.90, more than double the cost of the book! Of course, there are plenty more play centres we hope to try over the next 8 months so stay tuned for more updates as we continue our #smallideasmelb adventures!


CROC’s Playcentre – Small Ideas voucher saved $10.50


Croc’s has locations all over Victoria and wherever you live, you will know that you can visit your local Crocs and you can expect a spacious, clean and fun centre for your kids. The party rooms are always a huge hit, and themed event nights are always fun. For example, this Friday night is DISCO night! Small Ideas includes a $25 off your party package and everyone knows how much fun a Crocs party is!


Lollipop’s Playland & Café – Small Ideas voucher saved $11.90


Lollipops Playland & Café is an indoor play centre suitable for babies through to kids aged 11yrs. We attend the Bentleigh location but Lollipop is located in Victoria so just head to their website to find a location near you. Small Ideas vouchers are accepted at all locations. There’s a multitude of fun to be had here, with big slides, a maze of multi-level walkways, a 3 level airplay zone, a craft room, and a selection of video games to play (a hit with the bigger kids). There’s also an automotive ride at each location. Some include tea-cup rides, others miniature pirate ship ride and car rides which is what separates Lollipops from Crocs.


SuperZu Playcentre – Small Ideas voucher saved $18


The mother of all play centre’s, SuperZu is huge and by far a favourite for our 8yr old. Highlights of the zoo themed play space include a huge climbing volcano slide, with a long red lava tunnel to slide down the middle, a giant tube slide with a 25 metre runway to race down, the ‘Creepy Climber’ tower with six stages of webbing to work through to reach the 4.5m top, a set of safari-themed cars to drive around an indoor mini-track, a massive ball cannon arena with eight guns to fire soft play balls into targets, trampolines to bounce high into the air and mini-trampolines for the little ones to jump lower to the ground.

Where: 362-364 Boundary Rd, Dingley Village


TunzaFun Xtreme- Small Ideas voucher saved $18.50


Don’t let the kids climb walls at home, take them to the best climbing centre ever! Suited to children aged 4 plus and grown-ups too, TunzaFun Xtreme allows you to enjoy 34 Funtopia Climbing Walls using a hydraulic auto-belay system. The system means no climbing buddy is needed, and kids (wearing safety harnesses) simply raise their hand when they are ready to begin or move on to the next wall. Aside from climbing walls to enjoy, there are optional extras such as the 9m high slide, ‘the jump’, Dodgem Drift Cars, the Deep Space Ropes Course (rope obstacle course high above the entire centre) and arcade games, too. My son’s favourite challenge was doing the Batman climb while blindfolded!


Play Central – Small Ideas voucher saved $16


Finally, I understand what all the rave is about. This is a play centre worth traveling to. They have created a space that is perfect for all kids from toddlers, to preschool to school-aged, as well as remembering adults like their authentic Italian pasta and barista coffees. The reason this works for all is that they have cleverly divided the large area into sections for creative play, baby play, automotive, party and then the typical play centre complete with slides etc. The art space is really what many parents love for their toddler who walks around in a grocery shop, or in their yellow construction outfit or plays doctor in the vet quarter. By automotive I mean dodgem cars. And not ticketed ride, I mean unlimited rides for children and boy do the kids love being behind the wheel rather than being in the back seat!


Planet Kids – Small Ideas voucher saved $8


Planet Kids is ideal for those with younger babies. If you struggle to find a play space that is safe for babies who are just finding their feet, or crawling, or taking their first steps then this is the play centre for you! The parent’s room is so well equipped you will want to have a leisurely snooze in there. There is an adjoining café (like a proper café) that hand delivers your coffee and it is made to perfection. Seriously this is a true haven for parents who want to get out of the house but worry about their bub being trampled on by the big kids that often go to play centres.


There’s soft play areas, baby areas, and such an inviting space you will be telling all your friends about!

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