How does Digital Membership work & FAQs?

How Does Digital Membership Works?


Have questions on how to access your vouchers? We’re here to help.


There's a full list of what's included in your state under Menu Item Directory. Many people want to know what's in their area before they purchase (we get it!) As an added bonus you will be able to access the top Attractions in the other states too in case you are travelling with your fam bam!
You only need to purchase 1 Small Ideas membership to cover your family. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 3 children.
Small Ideas is not available through App Store. After you purchase from the website you will receive 2 emails. One is a receipt and the second one is your login details. If you did not receive please check your junk folder for an email from If you did not receive please email us so that we can reset for you.
To log in you simply open the internet from your phone and enter URL It will then prompt you for your email and password which you would have received from us automatically after purchasing. There is no need to change the password (unless you want to) as it's assigned to your email but make sure you save the icon to your home screen straight away that way you won't have to repeat the sign in process each time you want to use. You can also just hop onto Small Ideas website and press Login button
For Android phone, launch your browser on your phone and open Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen. For IOS, Launch the Safari browser on Apple’s iOS and Tap the Share button on the browser’s toolbar — that’s the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It’s on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu.  

Add to home screen - iPhone

Add to home screen - Android

Read each voucher carefully, as 90% of them say 'Present this Small Idea' which means you need to show at the ticket counter at each venue. If it is a book online voucher it will state this and give you a code. If it is a monthly voucher, then the voucher will grey out once you use it and then reappear from the 1st day of the following month for you to reuse.
Small Ideas digital is an annual subscription and so you should cancel when you no longer want it like any other subscription. You are able to call or email us at any time and we will cancel it the same day.
It’s one per family. So you can share with your partner, carer or significant other so long as they have internet on the phone and follow the same process of accessing your membership.
All vouchers state expiry of end of year however from the 1st of January they will automatically update to show new year - you won’t have to do a thing! As new vouchers come on board and some may discontinue, they are simply added/removed automatically and you do not need to do anything. All vouchers are different some will state monthly in which case they will grey out after use then reappear from 1st of following month, whereas if it does not state monthly they are once off use during the 12 months. Movie vouchers are for unlimited use throughout the year.
Always change your password from the APP and NOT from the Small Ideas website. Open the app by clicking then click 'forgot password' always check your junk folder for the email. If it's not in there it is likely that your membership has expired or your auto renewal did not go through so please contact us or renew as a new member on the website.
Once you purchase them an email is sent out with your tickets which you can either book online directly on Hoyts or Village website using voucher number and pin provided or show at Hoyts or village your email at ticket booth. If you didn’t receive the email in your inbox it is likely to be in your junk folder. You can use these vouchers as many times as you like throughout the year. We always show the tickets at the counter that way we avoid the online booking fee, so I recommend you arrive a bit earlier.
There are 3 check points to redeeming a voucher. Once you press 'redeem' button it will say 'take to cashier' then 'are you sure?' so it's impossible to accidentally redeem a voucher. However, if you have please email us at
If a voucher can be used multiple times it will state that on the voucher. For example some of the play centres are monthly so once you press redeem it will grey out but re appear for you to use again from the 1st day of the following month.
It is instantly sent to you via email once you purchase. If you did not receive the email it is likely to be in your junk folder. If you still cannot find please email us at as you may have accidentally mistyped your email address which we will manually correct when you email us.
You sure can all you need is their email address so we can set it up for them. Under the Buy page there is option to select GIFT and the start date you wish the 12 months to start from. Once you purchase you will receive an email automatically with an attachment that you can either print and put in a card to the recipient or you can forward the email. It costs $5 more to set it up as a Gift due to the back end processing involved.
To cancel before your 12 months ends simply email or call and it will cancel effective immediately. If you purchase Small Ideas and within the first 2 weeks of your order decide it is not for you please email and we provide full refund. There are no pro rata refunds after this date. If however, you have recommendations on how to improve please email us as we are continually growing Small Ideas based on feedback of customers.
It doesn't matter if you have 1 child or 4 children you only need 1 Small Ideas membership. Some of the discounts apply to the whole family, others are applicable for 1 child or 2 for 1s. Only buy 1 membership!
There are hundreds of vouchers most of which are valid over school holidays. However, there are a handful that are not valid on school holidays and will state that on the voucher.
We listen to customer feedback all the time and so we are forever adding new vouchers. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and/or Group to receive notifications of when we have new vouchers but otherwise they'll just appear within your app you won't have to do a thing.
It is rare as hundreds of Small Ideas vouchers are used daily, but if the case happens that a voucher is not accepted please contact us by phone or email so we can help you. Some times due to staff changes this can occur however, both the businesses and Small Ideas are here to help minimise this so let us know.
Read each voucher carefully to see which one suits your family. The 3 park theme park tickets are strictly valid for 3 consecutive days so if you miss a day due to rain, sickness or any other unforeseen reason there will be no refund or extension of time and therefore the 12 month unlimited pass may be better suited to you. Prices are subject to change and only Small Ideas members have access to pricing. Tickets cannot be transferred, sold, refunded or upgraded.
When you login to your Small Ideas app the home screen shows your renewal date. This includes the 3 months free. It appears underneath the favourites and history tab and is different for everyone based on when you signed up.
All vouchers have been reworded to include the business requirements if they are impacted. Each business is different in terms of size and how many they can hold. This is why some vouchers have a book online code, others require you to phone to book and some have included capacity limits for Small Ideas members automatically and therefore allow our member 'walk ins'. Please read each voucher carefully before you redeem so you can use correctly. As government requirements change the businesses and Small Ideas are working to change the vouchers so if you notice something before Small Ideas does please bring to our attention by emailing us at
Small Ideas includes hundreds of vouchers. If government imposes lockdowns there are other vouchers that can be still used such as the Takeaway category and the Products and Services category. There are no extensions to memberships as a result of covid and no refunds. The membership fee is kept at a low cost of $34.95 plus gst