Beauty tips for mums

7 Beauty Tips for Mums

By Rachel @ Insta.Beauty.Mummy

1. Make your own body scrub – it will save you a heap of money, and you know exactly what the ingredients are. Here is one that I personally love and is super easy to make. Simply mix ½ cup Coconut oil and ½ cup brown sugar. Rub over your body BEFORE getting wet. I just sit on the side of the bath, scrub everywhere, and then soak it all off. It is beautiful.
2. Use lipstick as blush – there are actually a lot of makeup products that can be multi-use products and lipstick is one of them. Find your favourite shade of lippie, dab a small amount on the apples of your cheeks and blend.
3. Open Pores? – Run ice cube blocks over them and yes it’ll be cold but they will close right up after a few treatments.

4. Use your Lansinoh as a lip treatment – if you still have a tube of this nipple ointment laying around, keep it on your bedside table and apply to your lips every night. It is honestly the BEST at smoothing out any chapped or cracked lips. If you don’t have one, go a buy a tube, inexpensive and works amazingly!
5. For puffy eyes use frozen spoons – this will cost you NOTHING! Simply put 2 spoons in the freezer, and remove once they are super cold and hold over the puffed eye area, the puffiness will go down straight away.
6. To brighten your complexion – apply highlighter to all the high points of your face and don’t forget the inner corners of your eyes. This is an instant pick me up. It will give the appearance of youthful, dewy, glowy skin. There is nothing better!

7. If you are going to spend money on skincare one of my MUST buys is a Vitamin C – serum. There are so many to choose from but if you use your Small Ideas book you will get 20% off all products from FRESH


“Be your own beautiful cupcake in a world of muffins” x Rach

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