Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park for Toddlers

Luna Park for toddlers?

Luna Park in Melbourne has changed over the years and I must say our visit yesterday was fun for everyone. Small Ideas includes unlimited ride pass at 20% off so for me and 2 children it was under $80 and boy did we have loads of fun.

I know my youngest (2 years old) loves the carousel and it was closed so I was worried that he wouldn’t get much for his dollar BUT he went on the elephant ride, plane ride, Ferris wheel, roadrunner, serpent roller coaster and the mini train. Each time he went on a ride he loved it so much he did each ride at least 3 times!

My 6-year-old just reached the 120cm point and was allowed on pretty much everything. His favourite was the new ride which is the water coaster and I didn’t mind cooling off on that either!

Small Ideas members receive 20% off this year unlimited ride pass but it excludes a family pass as that’s already discounted. One of us adults only wanted to go on the free rides with my toddler so it was fine. To grab your book or digital membership here to SAVE!

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