Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to make a purchase but received 'Internal Server Error' notice

This message indicates that the order has NOT been processed. The system will store your details but not your credit card information so please give us a buzz on 1300 88 10 15 to complete your order

I have 3 children how many memberships do I need?

You only need 1 membership per family no matter how many children you have.

Is there a PayPal option to purchase?

We no longer include PayPal option because we prefer to endorse an Australian bank which has less fees. Small Ideas includes secure payment gateway with Commonwealth Bank.

However, if you do not have a credit card or debit card available we offer EFT bank transfer just send us an email at info@smallideas.com.au as we would like to ensure all families have access to the fabulous discount book.

How many vouchers are there in Digital Membership?

The Digital Membership has 320+ vouchers and we include new ones throughout the year. You can share your log in details with your partner or secondary care taker. The vouchers are valid for 12 months from the time you sign up. If you did not receive your login details via email please contact our office. The digital version is a ‘subscription service’ so you will automatically be charged $34.95 in 12 months time. You are free to cancel at any point throughout the year by contacting our office.

My child is less than 12months old, maybe I should wait until they are a little older?

There are plenty of vouchers and ideas in the book for babies. Some examples include mini maestro’s, organic foods, Baby Bunting, swimming lessons, play centre’s and so much more.

I have only 1 child will i get any use out of the Small Ideas App?

YES! Vouchers include free entries, % off family passes, 2 for 1 offers that can include adults or friends too!

I have The Entertainment book. Is Small Ideas the same?

Definitely NOT. The Entertainment Book are fabulous at their specialty of Fine Dining & Travel. We however, understand mums and dads and where they spend their time and money and specialise only in these areas.

Small Ideas is for all families living in Victoria with kids.

How do i cancel my subscription?

The subscription is for 12 months but at any point if you wish to cancel just email info@smallideas.com.au or phone us on 1300 88 10 15 and we will cancel within 24 hours.

I am visiting Melbourne from interstate, is there enough value in the App for my family?

Even if you are just in Melbourne for the weekend, Small Ideas will provide you with ideas on where to visit and what activities to do with your family.  For example if you would like to go on the Melbourne Star, you will save $35 on entry and therefore get your investment back on that voucher alone.

How does fundraising work?

Small Ideas is a great way for your centre to raise funds. It’s effective, supports local business and totally flexible to do. Please send email to info@smallideas.com.au and request information. While this opportunity is open all year round, it generates more interest earlier in the year so customers have the full 12 months to use.

How do I advertise in the App?

Please submit your expression of interest via email to info@smallideas.com.au and we will be in contact if your business meets our ‘family friendly’ tick of approval.

How much is it?

Small Ideas is a digital subscription so you get charged every 12 months $34.95. You can cancel like any other subscription by doing it yourself via website or send us email info@smallideas.com.au or call us and we cancel same day.

Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Refunds

Terms & Conditions – The resale of Small Ideas is not permitted without the prior consent of Small Ideas. Prices are set by Small Ideas and re sale at a price not consented by Small Ideas will incur penalties. If you are looking to raise funds for your club, organisation and/or charity please refer to Fundraising program.

Privacy Policy – The information we collect is not provided to any external party

Refunds Policy – We provide exchange for any damaged goods within 7 days. If you have not used any vouchers from the digital and wish to get a refund for whatever reason please contact office within 7 days.

Delivery Policy – Delivery is via Aus Post within their standard delivery time frame. It is not sent via registered post and therefore, if you have not received within 7 business days please contact our office. The digital Small Ideas is accessible instantly after purchasing. If you did not receive an email with your log in details please contact our office.

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