Simply Fun Chatswood

Address: The Gallery, 445 Victoria Avenue Chatswood

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$44.95 inc GST

Simply Fun offers inspiring and captivating programs for kids ages 6 months through 7 year olds. Standard classes include 45 minutes of instructor led activities that are tailored to your child’s age followed by 30 minutes of free time in a clean multi-sensory play area.
Our classes focus on all aspects of growth, including social, emotional, linguistic, physical and cognitive development.
Available Classes;

Curious Crawlers (6 – 11 Months)

At this age, your baby develops a sense of identity and begins to interact verbally and non-verbally with others. Our multi sensory programs are carefully designed to promote their sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing. As the babies gain upper body control and begin to explore their surroundings, we introduce fun and stimulating activities that involves repetition of singing, dancing, basic tumbling, balance and agility skills. In this class, you will learn how to interact with your child and share their enjoyment.You can take these vital skills home and enhance your connection with your little ones.

Wobbly Walkers (12 – 18 Months)

At this age, your infant begins to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.They like to mimics older peers. Our stimulating programs introduces balance, agility, basic fine and gross motor, rotation skills, which help them develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Our structured game programs will motivate and encourage children to succeed when they are faced with challenges.

Tumbling Toddlers (19 Months – 2.5 Year Olds)

At this stage, your little ones loves to run, swing and climb and ride on toys. They need lots of physical contact and reassurance that they are lovable. They have a better understanding of spatial awareness of their bodies.They enjoy make believe play and story telling which will see their minds opened up to the world of imagination. Your toddler will be gently encouraged out of their comfort zone, with focuses on gross motor skills with kicking and throwing and the beginnings of dramatic play with the introduction of our mascots.

Energetic Explorers (2.5 – 3.5 Year Olds)

Your little one is now developing more confidence in their movements, starting to jump, hop and throw reasonably well. By focusing on these basic movements, our class will enable them to hone these skills with greater success and emphasise technique through creative repetition. Your child will begin to play with others, not just alongside them friendship groups can begin to form and we will encourage this to happen!

Simply Ninjas (3.5 – 4.5 Year Olds)

Simply Ninjas involve obstacle course training, with the children learning how to get up, over and around all sorts of obstacles! It is designed for high energy children, working on core components of fitness such as agility, strength, power and speed.We use all the regular gymnastics equipment in different ways, utilising a lot of extra things such as trapeze bars, rings, portable monkey bars, target nets, cargo nets etc. The children are encouraged to jump, climb and swing with speed and accuracy developing ‘Parkour’ skills to creatively maneuver obstacles, giving them a nonstop action packed class!

Super Ninjas (4.5 – 6 Year Olds)

Designed for our older and more experienced Ninjas, our Super Ninja classes will continue to challenge your little one with creative obstacles to work every muscle in their body! With an increasing focus on Ninja skills, your little one can begin to hone their technique and master anything in their path. Parkour and creativity is key when completing skills, with our Ninjas being able to conquer any obstacle. Why only have one way of completing a skill, when a Ninja can find lots of ways!

Master Ninjas

Designed for 7-10 year olds who are eager to master their ninja skills through a variety of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour activities. This class aids in the development of strength, agility, endurance and flexibility as well as encouraging creative thinking, discipline and conscientiousness.

Kids Drama

Our drama classes offer kids the chance to imagine and create with like-minded children. They will learn how to interact with other children and how to express themselves through their voice and body. The young brains have so much to explore in this world; we will support their learning and encourage their curiosity. We may find ourselves on safari, in space or at the circus. So come along for an adventure.