Kids Shack

Address:  283 Homer Street Earlwood

Members Discount: 50% off entry for up to 2 kids

$39.95 ex GST

KidsShack is a new concept, has a great vibe and is original.With new owners who have had years of experience entertaining kids and hosting some magnificent evenings in their city scape restaurants, the team have come to the Inner West on a mission to create a social hub for parents and families to connect in real time (not online and glued to ipads).
KidsShack is an indoor Kids Play Centre and Cafe that offers both kids and adults a chance to enjoy their time, together! We pride ourselves in offering the best indoor play centre for your kids to engage in fun and learning activities in a specially created environment that is not only warm and safe but also enhances and stimulates creativity and curiosity in a child. KidsShack offers variety of kids party venues like our themed party rooms which are hand painted.