Gravity Zone Laser

Address: 25 Oliphant Way, Seaford
Phone: 8770 3900

Members Discounts: Double the Fun (i.e. Buy 1 Session & receive 2 or Buy 2 & receive 4)

$39.95 ex GST

Welcome To Gravity Zone Laser Tag Arena!

  • Their new multi-level, fully interactive laser tag arena with smoke machines and adrenaline pumping soundtrack is amazing fun for all ages.
  • Laser tag is amazing fun and fantastic for strategizing.
  • Players can play individually or as a team where they must both defend their own team base and attack opposing bases.
  • Successful teams are those that work together to plan a balanced offense and defense. communication and strategy is the key!
  • Get all of your mates together now for some awesome “Tagging” fun.
  • Also great for a corporate team bonding exercise.


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5 to 8, 8+