Go Bananas

Address: Boronia Road Saint Marys

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Skypeak Adventures has our 1-hour Go Wild aerial adventure climbing circuit course with 12 fun and challenging obstacle crossings, so your little adventurer can climb, conquer and explore. Expect to do 2 or more laps of the course. Each lap trying to use more skill and balance and less support from the safety harness.
The course is 3 metres up in air, close enough to the ground so that you can follow alongside your child and share in their fun and excitement!
Were serious about safety! All climbers wear a comfy full-body safety harness and are securely connected to a circuit track at all times while climbing on our challenges. Our attention to safety allows young climbers to use their problem solving abilities to navigate the course, build strength, improve balance, and grow their confidence. If a climber comes off an obstacle crossing, our safety system fully supports them while they get back on. This is all part of the challenge and fun!
If it really does get too hard, climbers can rest and wait in their harness for you or one of our highly trained and friendly crew to provide some climbing tips, encouragement or lend a helping hand.Climbers should wear closed toe shoes (sports shoes are recommended), and shorts or pants in order to fit with the harness.
Suitable for children aged 3-10 and under 140cm tall.