Designer Bumps Maternity Hire

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Welcome To Designer Bumps!

  • Designer Bumps Maternity Hire provides beautiful designer dresses to expectant mothers for those special occasions, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, work function, formal event or even your own baby shower, we’ve got you covered!
  • Bambino Love is Melbourne based online store selling a great range of Eco-friendly kids lunch boxes, reusable food pouches, backpacks, kids and babies feeding products.
  • All products are non-toxic, BPA free and PVC free.
  • Bambino Love is your one-stop store for your kid’s school lunch box gear.
  • We stock GO GREEN, Bentgo, Squeasy Snacker, Lunchbots, Pack-it, Beatrix, Fridge-to-go, Camelbak, Madpax, Baby Banana Toothbrush, Tegu blocks and many more.


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