My Story

My Story

My Story… The Real One!

Many people presume there is a team working behind Small Ideas. Truthfully, it’s just me. Then they ask “so how do you do it with 2 children?” It started off as an idea and when I asked my parent friends if they would buy it and use it the answer was a resounding YES. So during the most difficult time of my life, I started putting my small idea into an action plan.


The idea was born almost 5 years ago when my hubbie suffered a heart attack. He then underwent a quadruple bypass surgery and months of recovery. Our son Noah was only 10 months at the time and he was quick to notice that things had changed. My husband was unable to be the ‘hands-on dad’ that I had come to rely on and our income diminished. I had always been a very adventurous and outdoorsy mum and didn’t want Noah to miss out on any activities or fun because we were counting our pennies so I bought the Entertainment Book and as I flipped through pages of what seemed like great savings and ideas BN (before Noah) I knew that AN (after Noah) most coupons weren’t suited to us anymore. Would I ever go fine dining with a toddler?


And that’s how Small Ideas was born. I asked parents what they liked to do with their children and which businesses and brands they like to use and then went out into the ‘business world’ with Noah in tow and negotiated freebies and discounts from Melbourne’s best attractions, activities, and products all suited for families with young kids. There’s something for everyone from newborn up to the age of 12ish and we cover all districts of Melbourne.


In 2017 the digital version of Small Ideas came out in response to parents saying that they often forgot their book at home. This way, Small Ideas will be accessible on your phone. All you need to do is show each venue your voucher from your phone and you can share with your partner too without paying any extra. Whilst I still love flicking through the book, the Digital Membership is so easy to use and gives me the flexibility to add new vouchers each week as I’m always getting new deals based on what my customers tell me they would like to see!


To see all the deals (500 of them) head to my website & sending much love to you and your kids!

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