Best Places for Active Toddlers

Help, my Toddler is driving my up the wall!

Things to do with Toddlers without breaking the budget!

Toddler, by definition they are “Tiny humans under the age of 3, who can swing rapidly between endearingly cute antics and screaming, kicking, biting fits of rage. Completely unpredictable and often unintelligible lovable little walking blessings”!


Having a toddler of my own, and running Small Ideas ( A website full of stuff to do with kids). I often get asked, “What can I do to keep my toddler busy, without breaking the budget?.  My answer is this….


Get up in the morning, pack enough food for the day and head out! Just go, you won’t regret it. A busy, occupied toddler is a happy toddler, sometimes a tired, grumpy toddler but still they won’t be scattering their toys all around your house if you are not home!


So you are up, packed and ready to go, your first stop should be a child-friendly cafe, a place where they can run a little wild why you fill up with caffeine! Sweet, Sweet caffeine, which you probably need if your toddler still likes to wake up at night!


Once you are fueled up, then it’s onto your next activity for the day. If you are not feeling like walking around the museum or aquarium today, then you could catch a movie at one of the Bub’s n arms sessions? Or just head to your closest play centre and let them play till they are ready to drop! Once they are feeling a little “weary” it’s time to pop them in their pram and go for a walk, put on your favourite tunes and walk to your closest park.


If you are lucky your sweet toddler will be having a blissful nap, and you can enjoy that lunch you made at home, perhaps even read a couple of pages of the book you have been trying to finish!


Once awake your toddler will be full of beans again! But luckily you are at the park! The perfect place to end your day!


While this may seem like a “fairy tale” day out, it really can be your reality at a fraction of the cost if you are a Small Ideas member. Think FREE Coffee and Free or 1/2 Price entry to a vast number of play centres! You would be crazy not to check it out!

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